Bản đồ VSIP Viet Nam
Bản đồ VSIP Viet Nam

What is VSIP Vietnam?

Vsip – Vietnam Industrial Park Singapore is the most famous brand in Vietnam in the field of industrial park construction. Vsip stands for Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park, the official name is Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park Joint Venture Company. 

General introduction about VSIP Viet Nam Industrial Park

VSip established the first industrial park in Binh Duong – Vietnam with the name VSIP 1 Binh Duong, this is an industrial park that is well-invested from the current water supply and drainage system. modern with a centralized wastewater treatment plant to ensure that the water source is treated cleanly and safely before being discharged into the environment. 

The system of trees, sidewalks and green grass on both sides of the road are regularly cared for and trimmed by employees; Public sanitation workers clean each leaf every day, so the environment in the industrial park is always clean and fresh.
Strict security system, professional security forces are arranged at key points of the industrial park and mobile forces are always on duty 24 / 24h to promptly handle unexpected situations of security and ensure security. . industrial safety. 

With a location adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City, VSIP 1 – Binh Duong, Vietnam has an abundant, young, industrious and highly qualified workforce that meets strict quality requirements. of large corporations. such as Kimberly Clack, Honda, Media, Unza, Aeon mall, Wonderful Saigon Electrics, Virohto, …

The internal transportation system is complete, modern, many points connected with arterial roads linking the region and the chain. supplying and exporting to seaports and airports such as Tan Cang Cat Lai, Tan Cang Cai Mep, Tan Son Nhat, Long Thanh …

Favorable climate conditions are also an outstanding advantage. of VSIP industrial parks in Binh Duong, Vietnam. Weather in two seasons, rainy and sunny, no natural disasters, storms and floods; The terrain is high and flat, so the ability to drain water is very fast, not flooded after heavy rains. In short, natural climate conditions are extremely favorable, investors do not have to spend a lot of money to build a solid factory.  

VIP Binh Duong has now formed 3 industrial parks in the province, namely Vsip 1, Vsip 2, Vsip 2a, Vsip 3 Industrial Parks and is surveying the construction site of Vsip 4 industrial park. Vsip industrial parks in the province is always appreciated for its scale, quality of infrastructure, quality of operation management and has many preferential tariff policies for investors.

In the planning of the Industrial Park, VSIP Vietnam always spends a relatively large land fund to build parks, entertainment – sports centers, shopping centers, financial centers, quality residential areas. high quantity. … Serving domestic and international experts and workers working in industrial zones. 

In addition to the industrial parks in Binh Duong, the Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park Joint Venture – VSIP Vietnam also established many other branches throughout Vietnam, stretching from North to South at strategic locations, such as near supply chain, rich, high – Quality human resources, convenient transportation to seaports, airports … 
Below is a list of industrial parks of VSIP Vietnam, invite investors to refer to Learn more and find the right investment location.

List of industrial parks VSIP Vietnam

  1. VSIP 1 – Binh Duong, southern Vietnam.
  2. VSIP 2 – Binh Duong, southern Vietnam.
  3. VSIP 2 A – Binh Duong, southern Vietnam.
  4. VSIP 3 – Binh Duong, southern Vietnam.
  5. VSIP Quang Ngai, central Vietnam.
  6. VSIP Nghe An, Central Vietnam.
  7. VSIP Hai Phong, northern Vietnam.
  8. VSIP Hai Duong, northern Vietnam
  9. VSIP 1 – Bac Ninh, northern Vietnam.
  10. VSIP 2 – Bac Ninh, North and South.

Location of Vietnam’s VSIP industrial zones on the map

Bản đồ VSIP Viet Nam
Bản đồ VSIP Viet Nam

The distribution is wide and located in strategic locations in the territory of Vietnam, helping investors to be proactive in choosing the location to invest in. investment as well as find a suitable labor source for their production needs.



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